Jill & Jackfish

Jill and Jackfish Productions is a film production company based in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories co-founded by Amos Scott and Kirsten Carthew.



Amos is the creator, producer and director of Dene A Journey, which is in its second season with APTN. He is a former journalist who has worked for CBC, APTN and NCS NWT. Amos is the president of the NWT Professional Media Association and a member of many other Northern organizations. He is an avid photographer and champion of storytelling through multiple media.


Kirsten Carthew is a filmmaker with over ten years experience working as a producer, journalist, director, and camera operator with international news organizations. She is the director of the 2015 short horror film, Fish Out of Water, and is attached as a writer on three TV projects funded in part by the CMF. In 2011 & 2012 Kirsten was nominated as a Wise Woman by the Status of Women Council for her role in co-founding two award-winning not-for-profit organizations that are devoted to adventure camps, environmental stewardship and youth leadership in the Northwest Territories.