We are looking to cast the following roles for the feature film “The Sun At Midnight”.

If interested, please email:

Send your photo along with this information:

  • Name

  • Age

  • Previous acting experience (if any)

  • What community are you from? (If you are not from the NWT – let us know where you come from!)

  • How you relate to the role you are submitting for

LIA 16, First Nations – could be Métis, Gwich’in or other Aboriginal ancestry

Lia is URBAN – you can hear it in her voice. She is the kind of girl who wears a chain mail tank dress over a black tube top, denim cutoffs, and psychedelic black leather cowboy boots. She might spend hours on her hair, e.g. electric blue and coiffed on one side with the other spiked into a jet black mohawk – yet pretend that’s how she rolled out of bed. She makes enemies more easily than friends. Her heart is worn in a smile that she keeps hidden. Let loose, she lights up the room. Lia is 16 going on 26.

Whereas her father spends most of his time away from home working on oil rigs and mining contracts, her recently deceased mother was more like a single parent, or sister, who Lia had to help support.  Lia has Gwich’in heritage on her mother’s side, but knows little of her ancestral culture. She projects an air of confidence and intelligence, yet she is deeply insecure and craves greater connection with people and place.

ALFRED, 60s+, First Nations – Gwich’in or other Aboriginal ancestry

He suffers the loss of his wife, sons and increasingly, his culture, which deepen his feelings of rejection, loneliness and powerlessness. Whereas Alfred’s great sense of self-worth is deeply connected to his experience on the land, he is disconnected from his community.

While at first glance, his lifestyle appears unique and foreign, his experience is familiar to those of us who have suffered the loneliness of a city or who have lived as an outlier in other ways. His role requires compassion, patience and the courage to be vulnerable.  He’s got a cold shell, but is all heart. When Alfred warms to Lia he reveals his contagious grin and willingness to laugh at the human condition.

GRANNIE, 60s+, First Nations – Gwich’in or other Aboriginal ancestry

Grannie has lived many different lives. She is patient because she has also been impulsive and scattered in her younger years. She is kind-hearted and fun and someone who always takes care of her friends and is involved in the community.

GREAT GRANNIE, 70s+, First Nations – Gwich’in or other Aboriginal ancestry

Great Grannie is a woman of few words. Everyone feels comfortable around her. She’s the kind of person who you want to hug from when you’re feeling down. She is patient.

BILL, 30s – 50s – All ethnicities

Outgoing, tough outdoorsman with a lot of bravado

FRANCOIS, 40s – 50s – Francophone

Francois is a hard-working, easy-going man who tries to the best he can with the skills he has. He works on an oil rig and spends a lot of time away from his family, but enjoys their company and sticks close to home when he is off-duty.

BELLA, 35 – 45 years – Gwich’in or other Aboriginal ancestry

Easy-going, playful fun-natured. Great laugh. Plays the mother of the lead (Lia). Urban and fashionable.

DANNY, 35 – 45 years – Gwich’in or other Aboriginal ancestry

Has a lot of integrity. Kind, well-spoken and straightforward. He is a hunting guide for tourists.

SUSIE, 14 – 21 years old – Gwich’in or other Aboriginal ancestry

Susie is a tough girl. She’s the leader of the pack who is willing to fight her way to the top. She’s smart and doesn’t suffer fools easily.

TEENAGE POSSE (Girls), 14 – 21 years old – Gwich’in or other Aboriginal ancestry

Range of personalities, ages. These may be girls of different ages, who hang out together.